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Escolta Royale

By Janina Lim, Lifestyle Editor  | THE NAME “ESCOLTA” is derived from the Spanish word “Escoltar”, which means “to escort”.  The name is perfect for this downtown street in Manila that played a significant role in escorting business deals 500 years ago. During the Spanish colonialization, foreign businesmen from various countries such as France, Saudi Arabia, … Continue reading

What we have seen is a bit, well, disturbing
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What we have seen is a bit, well, disturbing

By John Gabriel Pabico-Lalu, Editor-at-Large  |   An Introduction for the Photo Feature, Manila: A city gone to the dogs CITIES, LIKE COUNTRIES AND SHIPS, are often referred to as women: usually, we use the pronouns “she” and “her” in denoting cities.  For example, it would be more appropriate to say that “her  (the city’s) people have … Continue reading