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Fearing communism

Eyr Miscaux O. Tuppil  |  Society and Politics Editor


Since the Cold War era, the word communism has had a negative connotation to the people.  Most of them are from nations who oppose the communist countries, and mainly, the United States of America.  They think that the communist ideology only brings fears, civil unrest, and political turmoil.
There was even a time when Americans were so paranoid, and if they see you as a radical, they will eventually brand you as a communist.
Here in the Philippines, things are not better.  Some Filipinos often use the words “communism” and “communist” as a derogatory adjective.  We acquired this kind of thinking from way back during the American colonial period — and despite decades of ‘freedom’ from US, American thinking is still very much ingrained in our culture.
It is because we are awash by the hegemony of the United States.  Since their arrival, the US imperialism has made use of feudalism as its social base in the Philippines.
The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is the party organ of the Philippines.  They aim to fight for National Unity and Democratic Rights of the working classes and they believe for a national liberation, free from the oppressors and being oppressed.  They fight for the usurpation of the land that it belongs to the farmers and it should be operated on a mechanized basis converted into state owned and collectivized economic system.

(Photo by John Lalu)

The communist aims to establish an egalitarian system where it is guided by “from each according to his needs, to each according to his ability”.  They seek to establish a central-democratic type of government, where the government shall have the central authority over the local governments at various levels.
But the decisions must be based on the broad masses and the lower levels of the government.
Let us agree, however, that the term communist has more than one connotation. A communist can be a member of a communist party; he or she can be an activist passionately upholding the teachings of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin; or one can be a Marxist intellectual involved in some radical initiatives; and finally, that person can be a dedicated and selfless revolutionary in an underground cell.
But the fact that the communists were among those who fought against imperialist regimes during World War II, stands out. They were the number one opposition during the Martial Law regime.  They have consistently advocated and fought for the rights and the lives of workers and farmers.  They have a guiding principle which is Marxist philosophy.  The communist persevered their agenda for social transformation and became the most comprehensive blueprint as a guiding for the struggle for the unfinished revolution.
So, sometimes, it is but fair to ask: why fear the communist?

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