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Tips for internship hunting

by John Roy Abenaza |

The months of March and April are filled with colorful days when graduating college students will walk on stage, wearing their proud smiles, complimenting each other’s outfit under the togas, and receiving the diplomas they have worked hard for years. But these months will also be tedious for third year college students and those who are opt to look for companies accepting interns for the summer.

From experience, there will be three kinds of internship you’ll get yourself in to: (1) the one you like the most, (2) the one you like the least, and the one you never expected to consider.

Internship hunting may be a great ordeal especially for those who don’t have any experience in applying for a job. Here are some tips for you that companies—be it the one you like the most, or your least preferred one or your least expected—may notice your application.

Furnish your resumes

Reviewing your resume before sending it to companies is a must for everyone applying for internship and/or a job. This will help people make sure all information are correct. If the contact details, for instance, are not valid then you might wait for responses in vain.

Resumes with errors are sometimes placed by human resource personnel to the least of their priorities because for them the simplest error may suggest a sloppy working habit.

Learn how to send your CV

Some companies prefer resumes sent via email while most companies prefer that applicants deliver their resumes personally. Knowing the preference of the company you are aiming to serve as an intern is the first step in securing your internship.

It is usual to hear excuses like “We didn’t receive your e-mail” or “Can you resend your resume through email?” from companies. Hearing comments of these likes should immediately push you out of the house and deliver the resume to their office.


People think calling up companies concerning internship application may be a bad idea. They believe it will leave an impression that the student is desperate (there may come a time in your search of internship that you may feel desperate which, for me, is natural.)

Some human resource personnel think following up the status of your application indicates persistence and your willingness to take the job. Though following up is advised, it is necessary to observe and respect the company you are calling. They too have other things to do aside from worrying over your application. Calling once or twice a week is enough.

Be on schedule for an interview

If a company has already called you for an interview, it just means they have noticed your application. But this does not mean a secured slot in the company.

The interview is the second phase where companies determine whether or not you should be joining them. Follow the usual steps in applying for a job: arrive at the interview before the scheduled time, look presentable (or wear formal attire) and answer the interview with confidence and respect.

Chances of getting accepted in a company may vary. Due to this fact, one should do their best in searching for an internship. Rejection, just like in life, is common when looking for where to apply but this shouldn’t stop you or else you’ll fail your internship subject.

May the odds be ever in your favor. Happy internship hunting.

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