What’s the Best Christmas Gift You Received?

Our editors tell us about their favorite Christmas presents! How about you? What’s yours?

The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received was a PlayStation 2, back in 2002. It’s a big part of my childhood, and I carried it with me, up to a point where it’s still alive today. I guess it was the closest thing I ever got to a pet, and I really treated it as such. – Miguel Asistio

This might sound lame but the best Christmas gift I received was a bunch of round, colorful, Chocolate candies from my grandmother.

When I was young, we don’t celebrate Christmas because of our religion. But my grandma is a devoted Catholic so she practices gift-giving. I was recovering from tonsillitis and when we arrived at her house in the mountains,  there it was! Of course it came with other toys. The point is, it’s not really about how expensive gifts are, it’s about the thought and the situation. – Eana Maniebo

It was Christmas eve, 2010. And for the first time of what seemed like a war of forever, my mom, my grandfather,  and I have finally sat down together for dinner. There were awkward silences from time to time but we managed. Though until now, mom and I get into arguments with my grandfather from time to time (brought perhaps from our generations of distant ideals and beliefs) we  can handle. But the good part is that we don’t sit together just for Noche Buena, but also for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and for movie  could just together not only for Noche Buena but also for almost anything– breakfast, lunch, movie marathons– without the jitterbug you get when it’s the first day of school. Man is a weak being, gravely in need of love. So I think the best gift Christmas never fails to present to me are people to remind me that I am loved, and a heart to share for some – Janina Lim

We neither celebrate Christmas with Noche Buena nor expect gifts from each other. It is enough that we have had no problems at all. In fact, we have everything that every family could wish. I’m thankful for all of that. What more can I ask? – Gian Franco

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