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Another Frustrating Flight

By Czar Elcano |


Photo from the App storeGet ready to feel the rage and the fury after failing to play a game with simple instructions but nearly impossible outputs. After the phenomenal success of the app that we all love to hate in the form of Flappy Bird, Vietnam-based game developer Dong Nguyen hits us with another evilly enjoyable creation, Swing Copters.


The rules and instructions, like Flappy Bird, are no-brainers. Don’t hit the obstacles and keep tapping. Unlike its equally devious predecessor, the obstacles in Swing Copters are horizontal and for an additional challenge, there are moving obstacles that you’d have to avoid while keeping the copter flying upwards.

Swing Copters currently has a fourstar rating in the App store. The game has been updated on Monday, June 25 to make the game ‘a little less impossible’. The game is currently number one in the App Store’s top charts for free apps.

Less than a week after its release, the game has been downloaded by over 100, 000 players both in the App store and the Google Play store. Nguyen has also released two other games Shuriken Block, and Super Ball Juggling. All three were produced by .GEARS studios, a game developing studio based in Vietnam.

Nguyen’s games all have the same graphics design that features retrolike characters that might be mistaken for Super Mario Bros. characters. Reports from CNET and other sources say that there are currently players who have scored over 75 points in Swing Copters, and this seemingly impossible task is surely one fun and frustrating experience.

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