For Those Who Give Their Everything But Receive Nothing in Return

By Eve Joy Hate |

You ripped my heart of everything that could make it beat.

You cut my lungs and strangled my neck up to the point that I do not

know anymore the right way to breathe.

In the end, all you did was kill me when I gave all that I could for you to


I wish I could build you a fountain made up of all the tears I cried for you,

and then I will drown you in it so you will know how suffocating loving

someone like you feels like.

I wish I could take your hopes and dreams that forever exists the way

you mercilessly took away mine and crushed them in front of my face.

I wish that someday you will hate yourself for believing and expecting too

much that the only person you love will never leave you. Yes, I hated

myself for that.

I wish that someday you will be afraid to open your heart because you

are scared of getting hurt again, but not for me, I will love someone

again. After the long days of trying my hardest to feel numb, pretending

that I am used to the pain, swearing that I will never love another,

and acting like I am strong, I have endured living without your

existence. And I will make sure that I will appreciate the love of that next

person, so no one will ever know how it feels like to be unappreciated.

I hope you could see how happy I have been ever since you had

hurt me.

I hope you could feel what I felt when I was hurling with pain when you

made me cry and you were celebrating with gladness when you did.

Now, I hope you could realize how better I have been when I realized how

much I do not need you anymore to be happy.

We all deserve to be happy, and I hope you were

happy when you left me, because I sure am thankful

that you did.

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