Lifestyle and Entertainment

Escaping to the World of Video Games

by Dominic Martin D. Limjap |

Video games are not just for those looking to pass time. It’s more than just a hobby for children. To many people, it is a lifestyle. Video game culture has spread all over the world to players of all ages. Some games give us a more bright and colorful perspective of the world. They accept creative and crazy ideas to the point that you can do anything you want in video games. Even with all of that, it still manages to teach you important life lessons.

There are many ways to play video games. The most popular ways are personal computers and gaming consoles. They give you the comfort of your own home, and a screen big enough for the job. It just gets even better because of online play. Now people can play with friends and people all over the world. There is also a huge library of video game titles that you can spend hours trying to finish. Another way of playing is through handheld or portable gaming devices. From the once popular Nintendo DS and Play Station Portable to the reigning Nintendo 3DS and Play Station Vita, there is nothing like playing games on the go. With a decent game library and countless innovations, handheld gaming has become widely popular. Adding a touch screen interface just adds icing to the cake.

As for the games, there are thousands of titles waiting to be played. From the gaming giants like Sims and Minecraft, to Indie (Independent) games, they all have their own edge. You can be an adventurer in Skyrim, a treasure hunter in Uncharted, and even a sadistic undead in Dark Souls. You can also explore breathtaking places like Paris during the French Revolution in Assassin’s Creed Unity. A lot of these games have also given us iconic and lovable characters. Some are inspirational heroes like the thief Nathan Drake, and some are just plain adorable like Kirby and Pikachu. Also, video games have given us some popular quotes like “The cake is a lie” in Portal 2, which means the promised reward is merely a fictitious motivator.

With the arrival of next generations gaming, the Play Station 4 and Xbox One have made their debut. Soon enough, “you can also play this offline” will be written at the back of the game’s box. Virtual reality has already become possible and is also a part of gaming technology. To be able to play as if you were inside a game was once an idea we had of what the future has in store, and now it is already here.

Whether you’re a keyboard or a controller person, with the constant evolution of technology and the changes in video games, we should keep playing because video games are made for us to have fun. Don’t play just to finish a title; we should play to enjoy the hardships and rewards, to cherish the journey. For a true gamer, having a game end is a sweet sorrow. To achieve the goal but to end the story is something hard to do, in more ways than one.

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