I Remember

By Eve Joy Hate |

I remember that I almost cried of pain

when you stabbed your face with

a barbecue stick and blood gushed out

and it was all because I was taunting you

by showing my breasts to other people

I remember that I was horrified but sad

when you most intensely bumped your

forehead on the concrete and rocky

wall because at the moment I was insisting

on breaking up and leaving you

I remember that I wept my heart out

when you ran away crying because I

was forcing you to leave. I chased you and

you didn’t know it. Tired, I knelt down on the

streets, assuming that you will come back

for me but you didn’t. As I reached you at

the end of the road, you saw me crying and you cried

I remember that I was angry when I locked myself

in my room. You kept on knocking, pleading

and crying. I opened the door and you

wouldn’t let me close it again. You let me

see your pitiful face as it was covered with

overflowing tears. My mother asked what was

wrong and I told her to shut up and stay

downstairs. I remember what I felt, but I couldn’t

remember why I felt that way. But I remembered

you and your amazing chivalry

I remember that I was surprised

when you gave me your very

first gift to me. It was a heart

necklace for my sixteenth

birthday. I was surprised because

it was the same necklace that my ex gave me.

I remember that I was flattered when you gave

me that get-well package and when

you asked me to prom while kneeling down

with flowers in your hands and when you

stood by the stage with our song playing and

you announced that you love me very much,

and of course, at prom, when you serenaded

me with a lovely song in front of the whole crowd.

There are a million acts that you did for me and

gifts that you gave me and words that you told

me that I remembered. Although because

I am a forgetful person, one memory is all

I want to remember your love for me, your

love that I never imagined to be this big.

I remember that day when I first saw you.

You were tall, handsome and white.

I never knew that you will be my fourth

and hopefully last (assumed) soulmate

and I never knew that we will love each other

this much. All I know when I first saw you is

I liked you instantly, but now, between the

two of us, you are the one who loved me the most.

One memory is all I want to remember

how much you love me. That memory

constitutes the past, the present and

the future. That memory would be

the picture of your face, seeing you

for all eternity. All I want is for you

to stay. And I know that you will. That

is why I am sure that I will always

remember how much you make me

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