The News on Modern Age

By Kristin Atienza |

Nowadays the children of our generation do not read the newspapers  nor watch the news. It’s probably because of modern technology that keeps us in the loop. They have lost interest in the issues around which our government, current national and international affairs revolve. They know more about One Direction and Taylor Swift than the corruption in our government and the Janet Lim-Napoles scandal. They have an idea of the picture but do not see what the picture actually looks like – that our country is suffering and struggling to survive.

I asked a couple of teens on what they know about China’s “Destabilization” of the West Philippine Sea (South China sea). 1/10 of them haven’t heard about this affair, 7/10 have a clue but just gave snarky remarks. One said, “Parati naman nang aangkin ang china.” Another questioned, “Aren’t all Chinese people like totally into taking our stuff?” which is rather disappointing.

They do not know anything (or if do, only ever so little) about China’s unilateral actions. Only 3/10 know the rest have been hearsay and common gossip which really have no basis. I think a few decades from now we might lose the newspaper at the rate of how many people are losing interest on hard hitting news. We may not be able to stop growth and mankind’s evolution but we should at least keep and preserve a historical, magical, and beautiful thing that we call the newspaper, I’m Ma. Kristina Bernadette Atienza and I want to read the newspaper 50 years from now.

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