The Blank Wall

Last Trip

By Czar Elcano, Sports Editor  |  

It was 10:30pm. I said farewell to the host and the other guests in the small gathering.  We stepped out and rode a jeep to the bus terminal.  The mood in the terminal felt strange.  Usually when we arrive there it’s filled with people, and at least 4 buses were always present.  Vans were also there for those headed south, and the lines of passengers for all modes of transportations were present too.

Tonight there were not much people in the terminal.  Other than us, I think I only saw two guards, two van drivers, and four other passengers waiting.  I was still in trouble.  I decided to move to another terminal, the one I used to go to.

It was 11: 00 p.m.: the security guard asked where I was headed.  “Imus,” I said.

“You’re in luck, last trip leaves in a few minutes,” he answered.

He checked my bag then let me in.  I made my way to the bus.   Another odd thing was that, on a regular day, the line for a bus in this terminal is at least as long as three roller coasters.  Tonight, there were barely enough people to occupy the seats.

It was late; I knew that but it still felt unusual.  I sat by the window two rows behind the driver.  Twenty minutes passed, yet there were only fifteen people on the bus at most.  The bus started travelling by 11: 30 p.m., and by that time I already knew I was going to be screwed when I get home.

I decided to keep calm, and I thought that watching the TV would help get me distracted.  I stared at it for a while.  News about a disease is on, something I’ve heard of earlier this week.  It was a big deal during the past two days for some reason.

I got a little bored so I checked my watch.  I was surprised to see that it was still 11:30.  I checked my phone. 11:30pm.

The clock on the bus says 11:30pm.  The time on the TV, 11:30 pm. I got scared. I thought someone must’ve been playing tricks on me. I glanced outside and I saw that the bus was moving

I saw trees. A billboard.  Trees.  The bay.  Trees.  A billboard.  Trees.  The bay.  Trees.  A billboard.  Trees.  The bay.  And I noticed, I was staring at the same scenery for at least a few minutes.

I was stuck in a loop.

Suddenly I heard some static. It was coming from the TV. I thought it was just bad reception; the TV displayed nothing but TV static. It didn’t matter at first because I was still creeped out by the time and the road I was on.

And then I heard it, a screech. The sound was eerie, I cannot make words out of it, but I think it was a call for help. I assumed it was, for that was the same sound I would’ve made.

What was peculiar is, it sounded the same as my voice. I heard myself screaming for help before I did it. I knew I was going crazy. I closed my eyes.

I woke up to the sound of the bus conductor saying “Imus! Imus! Get off now, make it quick!”.  I rushed to get to my feet and step off this nightmare. I was about to get down when the conductor held me back. I turned around, and I trembled. His face was inhuman. His eyes were hollow and he looked pale as a corpse.

I was about to scream, but he beat me to it.  The sound that came from the TV was the last thing I heard before I got out.

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