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A tale of a driver and a doctor

By John Roy Abenaza, Interactives Editor  |  

Who is more admirable?  The one who gave first or the latter?

Birds are chirping as I was waiting for a jeepney to come.  People are busy walking to their destination while I was standing beside the road, basking under the blissful morning sun.

Beside me were two other people waiting for a ride.  The first is a woman in her mid-30’s, carrying papers placed inside a plastic envelope.  The second one was a doctor, as his name plate suggests.

We stood there for quite some time.  My patience was running low since the heat was becoming unbearable.  My two companions seem to have felt the same as they sought refuge under the shade of a tree.

Just as the woman started to become irritated, a jeepney arrived.  We were lucky since there were only three seats left, one beside the driver and the two inside the vehicle.  The doctor sat in front while the lady and I went at the back.

As I passed my fare to another passenger, I heard the conversation of the doctor and the driver.  Apparently, the doctor gave 500 pesos –– and because the driver does not have enough change, he gave the doctor a free ride.

I was surprised that the driver made that decision.  Oftentimes, drivers would make passengers with big bills get off their vehicles and look for another ride.

This driver is different.

The old driver appears to be in his 60’s, wearing an orange shirt bearing the name of current Mayor of Manila, and blue shorts.  The lines on his face suggest that he already has a senior citizen card.

The doctor finally reached his destination and was on his way off.  Before he alighted the jeepney, he handed the P500 bill to the driver who gave him a free ride.  The driver refused but the doctor hurriedly walked away, leaving the bill on the passenger’s seat.

There was a long pause on the part of the driver.  Was he thinking of running after the doctor?  Was he thinking of what to do with the money? Was he wondering if it was right that he accepted the money?

I actually don’t know because a different question popped in my head.

In that kind of scenario, who presented the kindest heart?  Was it the driver who, without hesitation, gave the doctor a free ride?  Or was it the doctor who gave a big amount of money?

I tried to apply the lesson, “It is better to give than to receive.”  Both the driver and the doctor had given things of different magnitude.  One gave a free service while the other gave big cash.

Do material things weigh more in giving? Or is it the service?

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