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The Fashionista Commuter

By Eana Maniebo, Staff Writer |  

Not all fashionistas have the luxury of having their own cars to get themselves to their destination.  Others still commute, and that’s what sets Ana Gonzales apart from other fashion lovers.

Ana Gonzales is a 20-something year-old blogger and fashionista.  She loves to commute; thanks to her mom who threw her into the unruly and unglamorous world of commuting.  It made her braver and more independent.  She learned to treat the street as her very own catwalk.

Her bread and butter started back in her college days.  An entrepreneur at a young age, she was already selling things she made. Her sister suggested to take photos of her products and post it online so she can sell even to people she doesn’t know, and her online shop was born.

Anagon Collection has the cutest wire accessories Ana creates personally. She makes customized wire keychains, necklaces, rings, bracelets, headbands and chain headresses for a reasonable price.

Other than that, she makes eight-word necklaces exclusively for The Little Things She Needs stores like sweetie, always, forever, kiss, mine, love, and precious.

Ana’s hard work mixed with her creativity took her to where she is now: a recognized businesswoman, blogger, and a fashionista commuter.

Get Love Notes by Anagon at all The Little Things She Needs stores.

But for people who don’t have the time, visit her online shop at

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