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The Two Miss Fits

By Eana Maniebo, Lifestyle Editor |

IT’S A LONG WAY up the corporate ladder. For now, they’re enjoying the view from below.

Two working girls joined forces to make an amazing lifestyle blog, dubbed as The Two Miss Fits: Sophia Liscano and Ninin Sampiano, both in the corporate world, wanted to cling on to their youth, and so came the idea of their blog.

But what led them to the name ‘The Two Miss Fits’?

According to Sophia, Miss Fits is a play on the word misfits.  Sometimes they feel like they don’t fit in the corporate world and they’re still trying to figure out what to do with their lives.

These two young women make sure to squeeze in their little adventures and find the time to blog amidst their busy work schedule.  Unlike in college wherein they could spontaneously ‘declare’ a day of truancy, nowadays, they have to check with each other before agreeing to go to an event.  Blogging has been Ninin’s habit, and sharing her discoveries to others is her happiness drug.

What makes their blog last, besides their love for writing and anything feminine, is their friendship.  They are not just partner bloggers or business partners; they are friends in real life.  Coming from similar backgrounds and sharing the same values keep them close throughout the years despite the physical distance.  They are both observant and keen on nonverbal cues, but their fashion senses are diverse from one another.


On most days, Sophia dresses comfortably with minimal accessories. She saves the bolder outfits for events.

SNAG HER STYLE: Wear chic, girly pieces like flowy and ruffled tops, skirts, sheer blouses and dresses.

SHOP WHERE SHE SHOPS: Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse and Mango.


Ninin dresses according to her mood and has a hard time dressing up when there’s a theme or restriction. In short, she dresses bipolarly.

SNAG HER STYLE: Wear your mood and be unpredictable.

SHOP WHERE SHE SHOPS: Department stores, bazaars, boutiques and high end shops. (Anywhere with clothes.)

Closely-knitted by their common interests and different fashion sense, these women are one of the living testimonies of a friendship molded from fashion, food, travel and all things fun despite the distance.

Visit their blog at

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