The Blank Wall

Accident in reality

Eana Maniebo, Lifestyle Editor |

I wasn’t expecting a call from anyone that day, but I received one anyway.

And it was terrifying.

A man’s calm voice confirmed my name, and told me that my brother was in the hospital, very far from where I was.  At that very moment, I felt my heart sinking.  I was in two full minutes of silence, taking in the information.  My brother was not just somewhere in the hospital; he was in the operating room.  The guy on the other end of the line asked me to go there at once, and I tried my best.

I didn’t know I already had tears in my eyes.  Everyone in the room became silent as I was asking for directions.  My friends didn’t fail me; they were very concerned and supportive.  It took me half an hour to get there.  I was furious at the slow driver, who did not seem to understand the urgency and agitation on my face.  When I finally arrived at the hospital, I was horrified by my brother’s condition.

He was lying in bed, unconscious, and with a bandage wrapped around his head.  He had a concussion and has three broken ribs that are now healing quite fast.  He’ll come around soon, though he won’t be able to speak for a while.  I found out that he was already admitted there for an hour before they called me because it took them some time to figure out his phone’s security pattern.  When they did, they called the person who he texted recently: me.

My mom arrived fifteen minutes after I did.  She was hysterical.  She wept non-stop for ten minutes beside my brother’s bed until I was able to calm her down and tell her what happened.  My brother was crossing the road when a truck hit him — the truck’s driver was over speeding, trying to beat the red light.  The driver brought him to the nearest hospital, and turned himself in for the crime he committed.  Soon, the police came and took him to the station for questioning.

When my mom saw him, she slapped and strangled him. Her anger was hard to contain. I was forced to make her file a case tomorrow when she’s already collected herself.

I never thought that the recklessness I’ve seen only on TV will happen to a family member in reality. I’m used to seeing my brother so tough and strong, and his weak body on that hospital bed broke my heart. He’s home now; but without his funny remarks and constant teasing, our house is very quiet. The accident intensified my fear of losing a loved one, especially him.

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