Arts and Culture

Students of “Sin City”

By John Joshua Vera Cruz, Features Editor |

MOST STUDENTS of this generation are being dropped for having too many absences. For public schools such as Pasay City North High School (PCNHS), former Rizal City School – Main Campus, the main reason is lack of baon. Sometimes, students intentionally skip classes because of their addiction to computer games. Others miss out  to go to malls that do not implement “No entry for students during class hours” properly; some fool security guards by wearing civilian clothes. The last reason is confidential family problems that most students have.

The faculty responds to these problems first by calling the attention of the student’s parents to notify their current set of absences. If this action still doesn’t change the student’s behavior, the teacher is to give them a home visit to know the true reasons behind each student’s absence. Having students be counseled together with their adviser is the last resort. Of course, following them up after such measures of discipline is needed to assess their improvements.

Every school’s discipline of their students can be seen just by looking at the campus. The comfort rooms or any part of Pasay City North High School (PCNHS) cannot be seen with any vandalism. Any student caught vandalizing could be kicked out.

The school, as a result of its disciplinary measures and hardworking teachers, won in regional competitions as well as nationals. It also managed to produce a press club for students to be well versed in Journalism even though they are still in their high school.

Among the public schools surrounding Pasay, it is factual to say that PCNHS is the most upgraded and disciplined campus.

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