Escaping the Fate

By: Michelle S. Nicomedes

Every time I see my child sleeping, I always ask myself, “Where did I go wrong”.
I was a good parent, I fed him three times a day and I never gave gravity a chance to make him fall from the bed. Then I wondered, what went wrong? So I asked the people who wear white coats, and then they gave me the most heartbreaking answer.
This is a milestone, a very-difficult-to-deal-with milestone. And it made me realize that, nobody can ever raise a perfect child. No matter how early you potty train them or no matter how many healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners you make them eat, fate will make something happen and steal the perfect smile on our faces. The catch is how you will escape the fate.
Now it all goes down to, how did I raise my child? Sometimes I consider myself a bad parent, because I go to school and leave my children in the house with their babysitter. But I also consider myself a good parent because I am finishing my college for them, so that we can go on with the happy, worry-free family life. So which is which? That I really don’t know. But when I come to think of it, we can never really judge ourselves if we are really good parents or not, the only person who can do that is our child. May he be in his nursery years, wherein an ice cream makes him feel like you are the superhero in his eyes or in his high school years wherein a stink eye you have given to his girlfriend makes you the worst mom in the world.
I was devastated about what fate have given me, but what is good is that, I still have the ample amount of time to make things turn around. And I will never stop until I can get back the smile fate has stolen from me.
Raising a child is the most difficult and fulfilling thing in the world for me. It is the most difficult obstacle course in life. It is all ups and downs, and no matter how hard you try to make the perfect happen, it never will. But that is not bad.
So we should not feel bad about ourselves when our child sometimes is not on the top of the class, or sometimes is not eating a healthy dinner, as long as we know that we are doing the best job we can, we can never take the blame. Fate has its own technique in making our lives more meaningful than ever. Things may come to be as good or as bad but we should not be guilty about it, remember that parents cannot make a perfect child, but children make their parents perfect.
As what is said in the series, Modern Family, “Making a child is the easy part. The hard part is everything else. Keeping them safe, making sacrifices for them, and standing by them, even when they let you down.”

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