Failing even though they “prepared”


What a life. It is very unfair. You reviewed what you need to review but you scored almost nothing in your examination. It is the oldest problem of students: failing even they were “prepared”. Why is this problem still existing despite of good technology we have?

I remember when I was in grade school, I always go to our library to have some “peaceful and concentrated moment” during my review session two months before the examination. Yeah, I scheduled myself to review for me to have a good study habit. I always go to my spot where I review. I am keen in memorizing important details for me to have a lighter review each day. So, If I could not find further copies of my notes, I would go to the snobbish librarian to ask a book about the subject that I am reviewing. It was a hard process though. You would search in the catalogues for that subject and sometimes, it was frustrating to find books because most of it was not exact. You would just find a book with a relevance on your reviewing subject. And the worst is: others already borrowed it!

Reviewing was hard back then. You need a lot of time to review. As much as possible, you need to review your subject regularly. You should check your notes, you should do a review plan and jot down the most important details that could be the possible questions in the exam. And of course, listen to your teacher’s lectures. Take note: even how boring your teacher is, he or she still has a goldmine of words. Just be patient enough to listen. And sometimes, the question asked by your teacher would be the one of the questions given to the exam especially the essay part.

Now, why are there still students who gets the poorest grades in the exam despite having the Internet? Well of course most of you just learned how to use search engine site orally without any prior details. Yeah, this was the problem! You’ve just learned to use Internet through your friends or parents. The common mistake about using search engines was about using the general search itself. General searching does not really help you. It just gives you the idea what you are looking for. And come on! Internet is just guessing billions of related topics! So be more cautious in searching and please, do not use uncredible online encyclopedias. Use the familiar or an online encyclopedias who has a name already in their service.

Reviewing is not hard to do with or without Internet. The main ingredient to pass to your exam is to take time reviewing, make a study habit, be more patient enough, listen to the lectures even the topic is boring and always keep your presence of mind. Yeah, it is a very ancient problem and advice but most of you do not follow it! Be more responsible enough. All that you have learned in school could be applied to your profession. What you made in school would also reflect you as a professional.

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