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Music in Yellowcard style

By: Michelle S. Nicomedes

Music makes the world colorful. Indeed it is something that people can’t live without. Imagine a worldwithout music; it’d be like the static channel in the television where there is no signal, which is dull, boring, and black and white. As for me, living a life without music would be the strangest thing.

A lot of artists are flying in and out of the music scene, whether it’d be local or foreign, whether they’d be a band or a solo performer. Artists are considered to be influential and creative or may we say, unique. People can connect with artists in so many different ways, some copy them; some just listen to them and some also do crazes just like what happened last September with Psy’s “Gangnam Style” dance craze. A music artist can be anyone, ranging from a random person holding the guitar to the very famous Michael Jackson.

There are different genres in music; there is rock, metal, pop, punk, punk-rock, jazz and so on. People can take their pick and choose their favorites. My son would probably choose the genre of Bob the Builder’s theme song, but as for me, I would choose punk-rock of course. May the artist be local or foreign, if it’s punk-rock, well, it rocks. And if you’ll ask me, the best band under this category would be the American punk-rock band from Jacksonville Florida, Yellowcard. They may not be that big like Justin Beiber or Maroon 5 here in the Philippines, but they make really great songs.

Who is Yellowcard?

Yellowcard is a five-piece band composed of Ryan Key on vocals and guitar, Sean Mackin on violin, Ryan Mendez on guitar, Longineu W. Parsons III on drums and Josh Portman on bass. They started off in 1997 and until now, they are still in the business of doing good music. They already have a total of six studio albums which were: One for the Kids (2001), Ocean Avenue (2003), Lights ad Sounds (2006), Paper Walls (2007), If You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes (2010) and Southern Air (2012).

The band was known for their hit single “Ocean Avenue” which debut in 2003, that single actually jump started their career. The certain single made them famous and started their tours around the world. In an interview with MTV’s Brian Gasparek, Ryan Key reminisced what “Ocean Avenue” has done for their career.

“I have a career now because of that record, that song in particular. We had an amazing run, I mean, inmy early 20’s circling the globe in business class on an airplane, like who gets to do that, I mean, I am forever grateful for those moments,” Key said.

Yellowcard has evolved since their first studio album; they’ve been more experimental, deeper, more interesting and more tattooed. Aside from “Ocean Avenue”, their other songs were also hits, one of which was “Only One”, a heartfelt love song that talks about the issue of letting go and accepting one’s heartbreak, it is kind of cheesy and soft for short. They actually also made a song for the sequel of the movie Spiderman, the song was titled “Gifts and Curses” with lyrics that is so heart-melting just like, I see your face with every punch I take/ and every bone I break it’s all for you.

The break and the comeback

Just like any other band, Yellowcard had the downside in their career. They actually had a break for three long years, and for a fan like me, those three years were like three long decades. I actually even cried to my brother when I found out that Yellowcard had taken a break and that lead vocals Ryan Key has a new band.

In an interview in Fuse with Mark Hoppus, Yellowcard discussed their so called “hiatus” after the release of their fourth studio album “Paper Walls”. Key said that the reason behind it was a problem that the record company was facing and that it affected them so they just decided to take a break and be with their families.

“The record came out on July, by December there was a lot of issues at the record company some types of huge corporate mergers which were completely out of our hands and the record was just dead in the water you know. I think we were all emotionally exhausted at that point,” Key explained.

When Yellowcard decided to again go to the studio and make a new album in 2010, they also planned on touring around the world that included the fulfillment of my dream which was a live show here in Manila. That news literally made my tongue roll down my mouth, imagine a seven year old dream that suddenly became reality. Their concert was awesome as expected, the crowd wasn’t that huge but it was still one heck of a party.

At present, Yellowcard is still in the middle of touring around the world and promoting their newest album “Southern Air”, which I think is their best album yet. Key actually said in an interview with MTV that he heard reviews about the latest album, and they were pretty good reviews.

“The record is called “Southern Air” and we are super excited about this record, and there a lot of people that I trust dearly have heard the record and said with a straight face, honestly that they think it’s the best record ever made,” Key said.

Their latest album “Southern Air” has loads of beautiful new songs which tackles all the heartbreak and fulfillment in life. May it be from a bullied kid who stepped up and succeeded in the song “Here I am Alive” from a heartbreaking child loss in the acoustic song “Ten” with the lyrics: You would be watching “Star Wars” with your PJs on/ And you would have all the love in my heart / Don’t you think we would have been best friends?

Key actually admitted that he thinks this latest record was their best so far. As for me, I’ll be waiting in vain for their next concert here in Manila. And to all the people reading this article, if you haven’t listened to Yellowcard yet, I hope I made them look good in your eyes and make you want to listen and know them after reading this. You won’t regret it.

Photo Courtesy to Yellowcard

Photo Courtesy to Yellowcard

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