“Ice Cream Stands”

By: Michelle S. Nicomedes

Escaping fire holes in this make believe, for you I am risking everything
Running faster, I can feel my heart beat racing.
It is going to be okay, everything will be fine
I am here and I will never leave your side
Let us ride our spaceship and be lost in the unknown
I will dance with you forever; let us make this galaxy our home
Holding hands we will conquer the ice cream stands
We will sing to the tune of every nursery rhyme
You are the firework that lights up my scary universe
You are my every breath, my everything, my anything
For you I will explore and fight the aliens with Ben 10,
For you I will get silly and steal the candy stands their M&M’s
I will love you forever my son,
You will always be a soldier in my heart, and I will always be your gun.

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