The Hit

By: Sheila Manalac

I am in another dimension.
My mind is fast tracking
Thoughts jumping around like children playing.
I feel like running in circles, going insane.
I want to get mad and hit somebody.

I want to be free,
Escape this prison called reality.
In here I feel a sense of freedom.
In this world, in my head

Questions without meaning, in an instant make sense.
I am someone, I am known.
I am the truth, the absolute.
I am better than humanity,
I have the balls to defy the norms.
I want the world to know I am great.
Here I am free.
In this world, in my head

I walk on the streets
Numb, shut-off and detached.
Immune to society’s criticisms, to those judging eyes.
People are moving fast and I am floating.
Stress, worries and pain flush out of my body.
I take the first hit and feel like I’m melting,
I become liquid like a river free flowing.
Stoned in my state, I am carried by the wind.
Evaporate in the air, to go on a trip.

I am not limited with right and wrong…
Because in my kingdom is this power I hold.
In this world where I play god
I decide whom I should trust
I am not bound by chains and walls
Good or bad, no meaning at all
In my world, here in my head
I am the law, I am god, and nothing is impossible.

I am naked in a bed of fire
Fangs sharper than a butcher’s knife
Skin as white as gloomy snow
Glassy eyes where madness grows
These pale hands I hold up high, reaching…for another being.
I travel the world of the unknown, mind and soul.

It is a vast world and we see it.
We, who has been opened by the herb and its magic,

Absurd as it may seem there is truth to what I’m saying.
We live in the world of the empty,
With nothing but our magnified senses
We go to the world, in which we are accepted,
Devour on thoughts we’ve beautifully crafted.
And we never feel alone…
In this world, in my head
Leaving this filthy body, to travel on my own

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