A Song For You

By Mae Favila

I know that you got her already
But why I am still affected to those stories that I hear from my friends?
I know that you love her so much
But why I am expecting for you to love me like I do?

Refrain I:
These questions are stuck in my mind & I don’t know what to do.
I feel like I’m drowning into deep problems.

Here I am now, sitting in the corner and writing a song for you.
To pick up those words I never told you before.
Now you already know
All I’m imagining was you to come and say
A word of what you feel right now.
Cause for me, I’ll just cry and whisper to your ears
That I still love you and it will never fade.

I know that she loves you back and cares for you
But why I am so sad to see the both of you laugh, smile and talk.
I know that it is not my dilemma if you have misunderstandings
But why I am mad every time you come to me and cry.

Refrain II:
These are my feelings whenever I think of both of you.
You make me crazy even if I don’t have you.

Is this the reason why I wrote a song?
Or it is just an emotion to burst it out?
I don’t know what to do every time I see you with her.
I don’t care if you love her or not.
Cause for me, you’re still in my heart and it will never change

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